Kevin is a skilled Information Technology professional with over 20 years of relevant knowledge and work experience in various business environments.


Kevin began his career as an analyst for the Edmonton Oilers during which he produced game reports for the team to identify important statistics regarding player performance.  Following a move to BC, Kevin decided to pursue a career as an educator teaching programming to students at a private school located in downtown Vancouver.  This led directly to a position with IBM in which Kevin engaged in various e-commerce projects for international clients such as State Farm Insurance, Payless Shoes, and the NHL Players Association.

Subsequently, a challenging opportunity presented itself as a senior research associate with the Centre for Machine Learning to work with world class researchers in creating Artificial Intelligence systems.  At this point Kevin and two fellow researchers created a startup company to attempt to commercialize some of the important recommender systems that had been developed.  This led to discussions with Telus, Intuit, and the City of Edmonton in regards to licensing this technology. Kevin then joined a team doing research at UBC to apply some of these information analysis skills to relevant problems in genetics.

Currently, Kevin is employed as a Computer Specialist in Squamish and enjoys interacting with clients on a daily basis to help them make informed decisions regarding technology.  As an elected official, you can count on Kevin to provide the same level of dedication, service, and leadership to the community in Squamish, in order to facilitate the necessary decisions that will ensure Squamish prospers in the future.


  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta.
  • Focused on directing, monitoring, and controlling business proposals, progress, delivery, and related costs.
  • Engaged in decision making involving business analysis, hiring, and purchasing.
  • Managed important strategic planning, including stakeholder approval, budget estimation, and project management.
  • Experienced in operations planning, managing requirements elicitation, analysis, and design, to ensure that the optimal solution is delivered.
  • Defined business requirements, including purpose, scope and integration for proposed projects.
  • Established key client relationships and negotiated the terms of agreement concerning the use of client data.
  • Gathered market intelligence, as part of the overall business plan and financial forecast analysis for the organization.
  • Developed strong individual and team skills in diverse project environments, as well as excellent communications skills through numerous client engagements and presentations.


  • Organizational Awareness:  I strive to understand the structure and culture of the organization, as well as the economic climate in which the organization operates.
  • Stakeholder Engagement:  I promote excellence to internal and external clients by focusing efforts on bringing value to the various stakeholders.
  • Vision Alignment:  I develop a vision of success, communicating the vision and aligning strategic, operational and personal work plans to deliver results.
  • Effective Teamwork:  I practice strong interpersonal skills, and work cooperatively and effectively within and across organizational units to achieve common goals.
  • Project Success:  I focus efforts to achieve excellent work outcomes consistent with both the established project goals and overall organizational vision.
  • Business Focus:  I establish an understanding of the business sector, market dynamics and priorities, as well as the role of the organization in innovation.
  • Dynamic Networking:  I seek to cultivate a diverse network of contacts, including vendors, collaborators, and colleagues as sources of help, information, and advice.
  • Developing Partners:  I foster alliances across lines of business and with clients to advance business relationships, knowledge and innovation, and economic interest.
  • Creative Thinking:  I respond to challenges by utilizing intuition, experimentation and fresh perspectives to deliver unique solutions, products and services.
  • Innovating Solutions:  I engage issues in a proactive manner, identify and develop business opportunities, and go beyond what is expected to achieve success.