We Need WE

Let me explain my thoughts on this post topic as I get to my point.

We, as in the residents of this community, need to embrace the concept of WE, as in the organization that promotes social responsibility and leadership qualities amongst our youth.  In case you are still not sure exactly what I mean, then please take a moment to watch this important WE Day video and then resume reading this post.

WE Day is a global platform for social change with the express goal to empower a generation to shift the world from me to we—from a focus on the individual to the power of community.
— www.weday.com/what-is-we-day/

Each year the people behind WE Day work to inspire youth to be the leaders of the future and instill in them the concepts of community and social change, using the simple philosophy of "Me to We".  This year youth from our community gathered at Rogers Arena to participate in this global movement for themselves.  I am proud to say that my daughter was one of the thousands who earned their spot at this event through her commitment to one global action and one local action.  I recall that she wrote in her essay that "there is definitely no I in team, but there is plenty of We in Me".  What a simple and wonderful concept.

I am inspired by these ideals, and would like to re-vitalize Squamish with a strong sense of social responsibility on council.  We as a community need to embrace this perspective to help create a vibrant spirit within our town.  We need to encourage our leaders at all levels to bring a sense of rapport back into the discussion about how we promote Squamish as a great place to live and raise a family.  I understand that this represents a shift in philosophy, but what better time to make this change than in this very election.

I welcome your thoughts and dialog on this post, and encourage you to both comment below and complete the short election survey.  Please know that you can Count On Kevin to listen and deliver a strong voice to council with respect to your opinions.

-- Kevin