Kevin is pragmatic both with respect to dealing with the various issues facing the community, and the important decisions that need to be made in order to support sustainable economic growth.


My decision to run for council is motivated both by my respect for this community, and a desire to contribute to make Squamish an even better place to live and raise a family.  Squamish needs a strong vision that defines what we stand for as a community, and what matters most to us as citizens.  Specifically, how can we work together to achieve a stronger community spirit, which encompasses our goals.  I am experiencing the same challenges facing most families, which makes me determined to control municipal taxes and spending, to ensure that citizens receive the best value for every tax dollar.  If elected, I would prioritize the needs of Squamish to embrace diversification, while maintaining the essential fabric of life here in the community.  This does not mean that we should plan for big changes, but we need to evaluate our options and be open minded when opportunities arise.


Garibaldi at Squamish Development

Fundamentally, this proposal represents a decision between the economic benefits and environmental impacts this project will have on the community.  Overall, I am an advocate of entrepreneurship, and believe that Squamish needs to diversify and be open to new business opportunities to promote growth.  However, in my opinion the inherent risks of this project outweigh the potential benefits over the long term, and therefore I am opposed to this development in principle.  Regardless, this is a community decision since the impacts affect us all, and as such I would work to ensure that the majority opinion is respected.  If elected, I would set the goal of establishing a transparent process to deal with how residents can obtain a stronger voice in local politics, not just in regards to this issue.